Tom Brady says he acts like a baby for Gisele's attention

Sep 2, 2014 at 4:29 p.m. ET
Image: Rob Rich/

Most people want supermodel Gisele Bündchen's attention, but it may seem unlikely that her husband Tom Brady even has to fight for her attention on the odd occasion.

In the latest issue of Man of the World magazine, Brady revealed that he likes getting attention from his wife and when he doesn't get it, he has a few tricks up his sleeve to ensure that it all works out in his favor.

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"I like attention from her, so when I'm not getting it I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would," the New England Patriots quarterback revealed to the mag, E! News reports. "You throw fits and you pout and you whine until you get what you want."

Brady added, "She's onto me, she knows all of my tricks. So now I have to learn new tricks."

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Regardless of the fact that Brady has a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to his wife, it's great that the pair still seems so happy together after five years together. However, his wife is not the sportsman's only love.

"My wife speaks five languages," Brady told the mag. "I always tell her I speak two: English and football."

So how does Brady feel about his other love (football) and what does it feel like when he goes out onto the field?

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"In a weird way, even though it's hyper-intense, I really am my true self out there. I can be who I am without having to be polite or having to be on. If someone messes up, I can let them know. If I want to be excited, I can be excited. If I want to be pissed, I can be pissed. I'm more myself in front of 70,000 people."