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Justin Bieber arrested for ATV accident, assaulting other driver

Justin Bieber was arrested after a collision between the ATV he was driving and a minivan took place. The singing sensation was charged with dangerous driving and assault after the crash led to a physical altercation with the minivan driver.

The Canadian pop prince was taken into custody on Friday in Perth County, Ontario, and is now facing new charges, TMZ reported. After his arrest, Bieber was released on the condition that he appear in court on Sept. 29 to address the incident.

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While there were no injuries as a result of the vehicle collision, it is not clear whether anyone was hurt due to the physical fight that occurred after the crash, a Perth County OPP spokesperson said.

Just before the accident, Bieber was seen riding on an ATV with his perpetual on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, where they took turns taking the driver’s seat. Bieber and Gomez were said to be on vacation together, spending time in the singer’s hometown of Stratford.

These new charges will bring more legal troubles for Bieber since earlier this month he pleaded guilty to charges of driving carelessly and resisting arrest relating to an illegal drag racing incident in Miami Beach seven months ago. Plus, the “Boyfriend” star was also charged in Toronto recently for assaulting a limousine driver in late December, although his lawyers claim he is not guilty in that case.

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But trouble keeps following the agitator as he was also accused of attempted robbery at a Hollywood Dave & Buster’s a few days ago. When a fan began taking photos of him and Gomez, who was with him at the time of the incident, the law-breaking crooner lunged at the person and tried to take his phone away.

Security broke apart the altercation before any injures took place, and the police were called but the Biebs left before the cops arrived. However, the fan wants to press charges, and is rumored to have hired famed celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred.

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