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EXCLUSIVE: America’s Next Top Model eliminee Ivy speaks out

After grueling auditions and crazy challenges involving the Ice Bucket Challenge and Silly String, the first of the top 14 was sent home from America’s Next Top Model. This week the oh-so-witchy Romeo “put a spell” on Ivy Timlin, his biggest competitor, in an effort to send her home. His spell worked and sweet-faced Ivy was sent packing. SheKnows had a few questions for the model, though, and Ivy was happy to answer.

SheKnows: What surprised you most while watching the episode?

Ivy Timlin: I was shocked and saddened to see how upset Will was over his shoot. He has an angelic face and is so handsome — it was crazy to see that he, too, was insecure about his looks.

SK: Are you surprised you got eliminated? What would you have done differently?

IT: I actually was not surprised that I was eliminated. Romeo totally put a spell on me so I knew I was leaving! Just kidding — I knew I was leaving because I have a lot of nervous energy and I allowed it to take over the competition.

I would not change anything about my experience on the show. I learned so much from it that I do not even care that I was voted off first.

SK: What was it like walking through all of that Silly String?

IT: So amazing! I mean, I was butt-naked, strutting down a catwalk, and everyone was cheering and spraying Silly String! It was definitely one of the best moments of my life.

SK: What’s one thing viewers didn’t see that happened behind the scenes that you’ll never forget or that you wished they would have aired on the show?

IT: Lenox, Will, Raelia, Shei and myself took a bubble bath one night before elimination and just talked the night away. It was nice because we separated ourselves from the drama and really supported one another. I want everyone to know how much I value the friendships I made on the show.

SK: How do you feel about Miss J. being back?

IT: I love Miss J., but I am absolutely terrified of her. Miss J. usually loves the outgoing and self-assured type of models. I come off rather shy and timid, so I knew I was already at a disadvantage.

SK: What’s the most important thing Miss J. taught you on the show?

IT: Miss J. helped me with my confidence, as did all the other judges. I was thrown into this competition and I had to compete despite my insecurities. I may have been voted off because I was too timid, but since then I have learned how to be more confident.

SK: How were things in the house when you left? Anyone driving the models crazy?

IT: Things were a little tense in the house. There were a lot of fights and a lot of late-night parties. It is safe to say that everyone had at least one person in the house they despised.

SK: Who do you predict will win? Who do you want to win?

Ivy: I would love Lenox to win because she is stunning and so high fashion and so sweet! I think Will might take the competition, which I would be thrilled about, because he is jaw-dropping gorgeous.

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