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Bachelor in Paradise review: Take your toolbox with you

Bachelor in Paradise is not the place for games. Well, at least, not the place for men to bring games. If producers want to play with contestants that’s one thing. But the bachelors and bachelorettes had better not come in with anything but honorable intentions.

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Keep paradise pure

The girls take it upon themselves to keep paradise pure and send Jesse packing after he toys with Christy one too many times.

In all seriousness, this guy was a real jerk. “I’m not here to start a relationship with a dumb blonde,” he told the cameras.

He’s just a bad person. No doubt. Christy really did herself a disservice by getting drunk one too many times and advertising her partying ways pretty heavily at the get-go, but she really just wants love and acceptance. Luckily for her, Tasos shows up to give her just that so it’s buh-bye Jesse.

In an attempt to save face, Jesse opts out of the show before the rose ceremony, but not before Christy, Michelle and Lacy get the last word.

“It’s not OK,” multiple women comment.

“Leave and take your toolbox with you,” Lacy says.

They confront Jesse on behalf of women everywhere. Well, on behalf of women everywhere, we’d like to say thank you. Unfortunately, players gonna play. That’s the world we live in. So watch your backs, ladies. Luckily, we don’t have to take it, and Christy puts her foot down tonight, which we can respect.

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Sarah becomes our levelheaded favorite

Brooks shows up in Bachelor in Paradise‘s penultimate episode, and it turns out our girl Sarah has been secretly, subconsciously waiting for him the whole show. But instead of collapsing into a puddle of uncertainty and insecurity upon his arrival, Sarah makes a decision. She checks her emotions at the door and realizes that her connection with Robert is something worth fighting for. And Robert realizes that his “bae” (as he starts referring to her as) is quite the catch.

We just really have to respect a girl who doesn’t let a little indecision cloud her judgment. Sarah made a choice and felt really great about it. We love seeing a lady who is confident in her decisions because she knows what she wants and deserves.

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AshLee becomes our emotional roller coaster

The girls weren’t kidding when they said AshLee plays up her niceness for the cameras. As the weeks roll on, we’re seeing more of her true colors, and it’s making us think Graham must just be the nicest guy in the world to last this long with someone so emotionally insecure.

When Zack gets the date card tonight instead of Graham, AshLee loses it, using Graham as her scapegoat to express her disappointment over missing out on a date. Uh, the two of them literally just had that race car date together. Selfish much? To make matters worse, she harps on how disappointed Graham will be and how much Graham deserved the date, instead of just recognizing she was hopeful for an adventure. Plus, who says they couldn’t just create an adventure of their own at the mansion they’re living in. You make your own happiness in this world. Period. A date isn’t going to change that.

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Now things get real

It was the last rose ceremony tonight, and Chris Harrison is promising the games are changing on next week’s episode. The couples will be tested, and we’ll see who can stand the test of reality and which couples will crumble under the pressure.

Who do you think will stay together after the show? Hint: We know one couple makes it work. In fact, they’ve already gotten engaged.

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