EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Anthem Lights' Alan Powell serenades with a banjo, makes us feel things

Sep 15, 2014 at 3:00 a.m. ET

What's more romantic than a man who puts his feelings for you into a song? Nothing, of course, especially when it's Anthem Lights singer Alan Powell who's doing the crooning. Check out our exclusive clip from his new film The Song.

Jed King (Alan Powell) is the son of a famous country music legend, but has his own aspirations of becoming a singer/songwriter. Struggling to catch a break, Jed agrees to perform at a small vineyard harvest festival. It's there he meets and falls head over heels for the lovely Rose (Ali Faulkner from Twilight: Breaking Dawn), daughter of the vineyard's owner.

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In this clip, Rose appears sweet on Jed as she introduces him and his banjo to the crowd, despite the fact that her recent ex Eddie (Landon Marshall) is also in the crowd.

Sensing the chemistry between Rose and Jed, Eddie shouts out a sarcastic, "Nice banjo, Jed." The comment prompts Jed to take the opportunity to call Eddie out in an improvised song, singing, "I don't want to split you down the middle, especially with a guy who makes fun of my banjo, shows up with another girl when he knows you're going be here, is staring me down, breaks up with the most beautiful girl for the dumbest reason in the world, kind of guy."

Jed sure has some big cojones to sing those lyrics in front of such a big crowd. But, aww, that's the power of love. It's no surprise that Jed and Rose get married in the movie, but even true love can falter when fame and wild success get thrown into the mix.

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After writing an incredibly heartfelt song for his wife, Jed skyrockets to stardom. Though he loves Rose, he's overcome by temptation for country singer Shelby Bale (Caitlin Nicol-Thomas from the TV show Nashville).

The Song

The Song's movie poster says the story was inspired by the Bible's Song of Solomon. Um, we've read the Song of Solomon and let's just say, it gets pretty racy. Now we really want to check out this flick.

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The Song opens in theaters Sept. 26.