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Avril Lavigne went partying without her giant wedding ring

Maybe it was just weighing her down?

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Avril Lavigne was spotted partying at Los Angeles hotspot Chateau Marmont Thursday night without the giant 17-carat ring hubby Chad Kroeger recently gave her for their first anniversary.

The ridiculously massive rock was an upgrade from the 14-carat diamond the “Hello Kitty” singer was given when Kroeger popped the question (a month after they started dating), but it wasn’t quite as big as the 20-carat emerald ring the Nickelback frontman gave his bride on their wedding day. But still. If I had a ring that size, I’d wear the crap out of it, unlike Lavigne.

Perez Hilton posted several photos of Lavigne’s girls’ night out, pointing out that the ring is conspicuously missing, because, you know, you could totally miss it if you didn’t look carefully. Homegirl also looks like she had either a rough or a way-too-fun night — in the photos, she appears pretty wobbly and it looks like her friends are doing a lot of holding her up.

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On social media, Lavigne and Kroeger always look pretty lovey-dovey, but in the real world, they haven’t been seen together since April. Does this mean they’re headed for a split?

Like pretty much every celebrity couple ever, Chavril have faced rumors that their marital life is less than blissful, but the giant anniversary rock happened less than a month ago and seemed to put the most recent rumors to bed.

Then again, maybe Lavigne just took the ring off so she could throw it at a fan who got within 10 feet of her.

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What do you think? Is Avril’s ringless night out a sign of trouble in paradise? If you had a rock like that, would you leave it at home or show it off every chance you had? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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