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Jason Segel’s love of puppets is borderline terrifying

Jason Segel isn’t shy about his growing puppet obsession. Just in case you ever get invited over to this star’s home, be prepared to find many of his small friends.

Opening up about how his Los Angeles home is filled with the glass-eyed creations, Segel explained to The Guardian, “I have the ones I started out with as a kid and used to make films with. But now I have new ones, too. When I did The Muppets, there was a Jason Segel Muppet, which I eventually got to keep. That’s really the height of arrogance. To have a puppet of yourself in your own house.”

Recognizing it’s a wee bit weird, he added, “Thank God there’s a context. Otherwise I’d be an unemployed man with a house of full of puppets. That would be terrifying.”

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Segel’s love for Kermit and the gang appears to be entirely genuine.

“It’s very easy to look at The Muppets as pure entertainment,” he explained. “But even as a child, it taught me so many lessons. One in particular is that the Muppets never try to defeat their villains. The Muppets are always trying to show the villains the error of their ways and get them to come along with them. We can all learn a lot from the Muppets.”

However, with age, this actor-turned-author realizes it’s time to get a bit more serious.

“The era of me playing a man-boy who really needs to grow up is gone,” he announced. “Things have changed.”

The burger-loving Segel continued, “When I hit 30, I started to have that instinct. I started to take care of myself better. New phase, I guess. Stuff starts to hurt in ways it didn’t before.

“I still smoke occasionally. I tend to have one with my morning coffee and then occasionally at night. I’d love to quit, because they’re turning on me. But I started exercising. And I eat more healthily — no more midnight pizzas. It’s no great mystery. Eat well and exercise.”

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“Just lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking,” Segel went on to share what he’s envisioning for his future. “And it led me to a rabbithole about the function of art. I’m interested in finding the union between all of us. I want to give people the opportunity to say: ‘Oh my gosh, that’s me up there.’ I want to express something they hadn’t been able to put into words.

“My goal right now is to keep walking through fear,” he added. “I think everyone has that feeling that they are meant for something more. That there is this form of self-actualization that has yet to occur. Fear is the only thing that stops us achieving our goals.”

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