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Britney Spears has a no good, terrible, very bad day (VIDEO)

Britney Spears and her boyfriend David Lucado have just split up, but she’s found an instant pick-me-up.

Spears took to Twitter on Thursday to inform her fans with a tweet that said she was back to being single. Now, the usually private singer has decided to share her breakup thoughts with fans once again, but this time by posting a video of her shitty day.

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The beauty is determined not to let her split from her Atlanta-raised beau — who reportedly cheated on her and got caught on camera — ruin things for her. The video, which made its way around Hollywood, apparently shows Lucado making out with another woman and dancing with her in what appears to be someone’s living room back in August. With her own video, Spears is letting the world know that she’s actually doing OK.

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Appearing in the short clip with heavy makeup on her eyes and her hair looking great, Spears tells her fans, “If you are ever having a really, really, shitty day, then find someone with shoes with hearts on them.”

The camera then swings to a friend of Spears’ whose cute black shoes have red hearts on them, and the singer says, “Made my day!”

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Spears’ split comes as a shock to fans because not long ago the pop princess had gushed about her beau during her television documentary I Am Britney Jean, saying, “He’s a simple guy, he’s funny, he’s passionate and he gets what I do, so it kind of works out.”

We’re glad that Spears is staying so upbeat about her breakup, though, and we hope that she finds someone who can make her happy.

You can watch her cute video below.

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