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“Shake It Off” outtakes prove Taylor Swift is as dorky as she claims

It seems like since the dawn of Taylor Swift’s time the pretty, talented blonde has tried to convince us that she’s normal and dorky just like the rest of us. These outtakes from her new “Shake it Off” video completely prove her point.

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Whether she’s rocking princess waves and prairie dresses or a long, sleek bob and Audrey Hepburn-inspired crops, she’s always just seemed too perfect for that to be true. No amount of retainer shots, goofy faces or fake thick plastic glasses would do the trick. We just thought she was trying to bond with her fan base. It was admirable. But we still wanted her to own up to being as perfect as she seemed.

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Instead, she released the video proof of just how clumsy and goofy she truly is. During her video for her newest pop hit “Shake it Off,” we witness Swift doing some pretty interesting dances. Sometimes she nails them and sometimes she seems to be purposely messing them up. In the first outtake video, though, her true colors shine. All those scenes in the cheerleader’s uniform? That took a lot of hard work on Swift’s part and seemingly earned her some serious bruises. In the video, you can watch her continually miss her dance cue. She even seriously messes up a pretty easy landing and manages to send her pom-poms sliding across the studio floor. Take a look and have a laugh for yourself.
All right, TSwift, your point has been made: You’re a huge, uncoordinated dork. And, yes, of course we still love you. Will you please stop making that stupid “surprised” face, though?

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