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Chainsmokers share their take on Cinderella in “Kanye” video

Beyoncé may have dominated the year with everlasting headlines of her visual album and reported rumors of her separation from Jay Z, but 2014 really might go down as the year of the selfie. Just take a look at the success of the Chainsmokers’ viral single! Since the release of the video, the production duo has been riding high in clubs and on radio stations across the country, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop there, especially after watching their follow-up video “Kanye.”

On Thursday, the duo dropped the visual to the dance rave track, and it feels oddly familiar. The clip, which was directed by Ike Love Jones, begins with a shot of a maid scrubbing the floors in a hotel. In a typical maid get-up, our fair lady relentlessly cleans away as she overhears the conversation that took place during the beginning of “Selfie.” Clever integration, guys! But when the partying duo leave the room, the maid gets her own itch for the lavish party lifestyle similar to a superstar by the name of Kanye West.

Naturally, she begins to sort through dresses and jewelry in the hotel room before finding the perfect-size ensemble and matching heels. Who needs a fairy godmother when you can walk out looking like a million bucks? The maid eventually gets pulled into town from some of the fellow hotel attendees and begins her solid night out. She drinks. She dances. She laughs. It’s a modern-day spin on Cinderella minus the man and the glass shoe.

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Toward the end of the video, the maid joins her brand-new friends for party No. 2, but it abruptly comes to an end when the party’s server drops a glass in front of the maid. It’s a brief reminder that while she may want to be like Kanye, she’s definitely not anything like Mr. Kardashian. So she places her tiara on the server and ditches the after party. There’s only one place to go from there, and that’s back to her husband and daughter at home and into her own bed. She might not live Kanye’s version of a happily ever after, but she definitely has her own.

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