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KStew gives another expletive-filled interview about her life

Kristen Stewart wants to get a point across to the rest of the world: She really, really wants you to butt out of her personal life. Got that?

The Camp X?Ray actress gave yet another expletive-filled interview, this time to Vanity Fair France (which she also graces the cover of for their September 2014 issue) about her life and how she’d like the media basically to butt out of it. KStew said she doesn’t understand the constant attention and speculation about her life because in actual fact no one knows “d**k shit” about what’s happening.” Fair enough.

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A lot of this media attention has stemmed from Stewart’s very high-profile romance with former boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson, and then her affair with married director Rupert Sanders.

I never really thought of anything in terms of designing a career. I never tried to shape people’s perspectives of me, which is something that a lot of people do. There are certain actors and artists who want to be a certain kind of actor or certain kind of artist, and I’m really not like that. I have very much fallen into every situation, every creative and not creative experience, that I have delved into, based on gut. Therefore true regret can never eat at me,” Stewart began.

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“In terms of what people consume about you and then subsequently how they shape their opinion of you, none of it is wrong. It’s all a varied assortment of whatever flavors they’ve picked up at the newsstand or in the theater or on the Internet. But that literally is something that is not designed by me and so it’s not something that bothers me. But I don’t want to add to this already pre-existing, enormous mound of salacious bullshit that isn’t real. That’s not me defending anything. That’s true…”

And in the end, Stewart says no one really knows anything about the actress’ personal life as much as they may think they know, thanks to the tabloids. In fact, even those who are close to Stewart don’t always know what’s happening in her life.

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“I try not to let it mess with me, because my true personal life, as much as people think they know about it, they don’t know d**k shit. Who could? By the way, nobody knows. Nobody knows what the f*** is going on. You’re going to die. You’re going to lay next to the people that you know the most in life, the people that you’re going to grow old with. But you’re going to lay next to them in the middle of the night deeply curious about them and who they are, because nobody f***ing knows anything.”

To read the full interview, head over to Vanity Fair France.

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