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Longmire canceled but may live on a new network


All good cowboys know that the sun has to set sometime.

After three seasons of exploring the twists and turns of Absaroka County, Wyoming, A&E has finally decided that it’s time for Sheriff Longmire to hang up his hat and turn in his gun and badge.

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The move comes as something of a surprise considering that Longmire is the most watched drama series in A&E history. The cancellation was an unexpected move, though A&E has generally seen bigger numbers from its series of unscripted programs, among them the still-strongly performing Duck Dynasty.

A&E isn’t a network with a large number of scripted programs to call its own in general, so it’s strange it would be ready to cut loose its best performer. Still, Longmire may have put up solid numbers, but it never had quite as much buzz as Bates Motel and the age of the average viewer is a good deal older than what A&E may be attempting to target.

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However, Warner Horizon, the studio that produces Longmire, isn’t quite ready to call it quits just yet. Deadline Hollywood, which first broke the news, also announced that Warner Horizon plans to look for a new network to call the drama series’ new home.

It’s a move that’s becoming more and more popular among canceled series since Buffy split from the WB to head to UPN in 2001 for its sixth season. Not every network is the right fit for every show.

Dan Harmon’s sitcom Community will be spending its newest season as a web series recovered by Yahoo after it was canceled this spring by NBC, and Bill Lawrence’s Scrubs ran for an extra season and a bonus handful of spin-off episodes after making the jump to ABC post-cancellation.

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Good luck to Warner Horizon in finding a new home for Walt, Vic, Henry Standing Bear and the rest of the gang!

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