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Katie Couric calls Diane Sawyer sex rumors “desperate

A new book is attempting to make a profit on a so-called bitter feud between Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, but it looks like Couric had nothing to do with it.

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The book, a “tell-all” written by Sheila Weller, claims that Couric accused her former morning show rival, Diane Sawyer, of exchanging sex for interviews during her career. A friend of Couric’s spoke with The Wrap and said that the claims are “sad” and “desperate.”

The book, The News Sorority, claims that in an interview, Couric said Sawyer frequently exchanged favors to get people to talk to her. The Daily Beast reviewed the book on Wednesday, which was also Diane Sawyer’s last night on ABC World News.

The book also makes a few other claims that are not quite believable. According to The Wrap, the book also says that Sawyer criticized colleague, Sam Donaldson, for returning to work even though he was recovering from prostate cancer surgery, that Dan Rather told CBS not to hire Diane Sawyer and that Sawyer is also responsible for Charlie Gibson’s departure from World News.

?”In the summer of 2009, Charlie had lost his momentum and Diane moved in for the kill,” Weller wrote, via The Wrap. “Charlie told people that he was called into David’s [Westin’s] office and told, ‘You’re out.'”

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Weller has not been without controversy on her less-than-researched books, including stories about Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Carly Simon in Girls Like Us.

Sawyer and Couric have yet to officially comment on the book.

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