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How to tell which celebs are Photoshopping their pics (VIDEO)

Instagram is supposed to be all about candid shots — unless you’re a celebrity.


Instagram is insanely popular. Celebrities and normal folks alike use the social photo-sharing app and access its website 24/7. For most of us, this means taking photographs of our food, the funny way our cat fell asleep or a gratuitous selfie on those days when we are feeling totally fly. But for celebrities? Those photographs they share, however casual they might seem, are actually all a part of their job.

It’s crazy to think about, but folks like Kim Kardashian use apps and photo-editing software on even the most seemingly casual pics they share. It might not always be obvious, but once you’re hip to the game, amateur photo editing is easy to spot. Look for discrepancies in the background, anything that looks warped. Or, much like me, continue to harbor the delusion that those celebs are just that perfect.

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