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Jimmy Kimmel masterminds perfect Friends reunion (VIDEO)


After many have failed, Jimmy Kimmel was able to put together an awesome Friends reunion, which took place in an exact replica of Monica’s kitchen.

Jennifer Aniston stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote her new movie Life of Crime, but Kimmel had other plans. As the pair sat down to talk, Kimmel asked Aniston if she knew what fan fiction was and said he wrote his own version of a script for a Friends scene.

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Then, walking up to a set that looked just like the kitchen from the sitcom, Aniston reluctantly began reading from Kimmel’s script. As she read lines that repeatedly talked about how great Ross, played by Kimmel, was at making love, Courteney Cox walked onto the set.

“That’s not Courteney, that’s Monica,” Kimmel said when Aniston/Rachel exclaimed, “You brought Courteney into this?”

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Then, as the audience went wild, Lisa Kudrow walked in, holding her own script copy. “Hey, are you guys talking about how good Ross is at making love without me?”

Then, when the conversation turned into the fact that Joey and Chandler weren’t there, “Ross” said that Marcel the monkey bit them and they died of monkey rabies. The trio of former costars were excellent at keeping their character’s traits, especially Aniston, who kept complaining about reading her lines and saying how stupid the whole thing was.

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The fun skit ended with everyone spewing lines form the Friends theme song followed by the three women walking offstage and Aniston telling Kimmel to go “make love to yourself.”

You can watch the entire awesome skit in the video below.

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