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LMFAO star Redfoo assaulted in pub

LMFAO knows how to turn up, but things went sour when one-half of the duo was assaulted at a pub in Sydney, Australia on Thursday, Aug. 28, when the singer was hit in the face with a glass.

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Redfoo, who serves as one of the judges on the Australian version of The X Factor, was at the pub in celebration of his latest single “New Thang,” but the good times ended when a glass was thrown at him by a fellow pub attendee. The singer was treated by paramedics at the scene for a minor facial injury.

In an interview with Channel Seven television, the star explained that the assault came out of nowhere. “All of a sudden I was talking to some girls, and bam, something hit me in the head,” he explained. “I just want to identify his face, so if I see him again I can say, ‘You’re that kinda dude, who does that sort of stuff.’ He looked at me and taunted me and winked his eye, just to say, ‘I got you,’ or something.” New South Wales state police aren’t letting the attacker go without repercussions. He was charged with malicious wounding and is ordered to appear in court on Sept. 24.

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Just hours after the incident, the Grammy-nominated singer took to Twitter and responded to a fan, who was concerned about Redfoo’s injury. In the tweet, the star said that the incident boils down to one thing: jealousy. But he also isn’t going to let one bad apple ruin his love for Australia. Shortly afterwards, he thanked fans from Australia and the rest of the world for all the love and support.

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