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Ali Larter is cutting back on work, preparing for baby No. 2


Ali Larter announced she is pregnant again pretty far into her second pregnancy and the actress said she is busy getting ready for her baby’s arrival. Larter showed up to a Pampers event, baby belly in tow, and opened up about her growing family.

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“It’s time to slow down and stop working for a second and start being with my family,” Larter told People.

Larter gave birth to her first son, Theodore Hayes, more than three years ago and she said her and her husband aren’t worried too much about their next baby — except one thing.

“[Just] healthy babies — all we can ask for,” she said. “And that’s what I pray for.”

Their son Teddy is also preparing to be a big brother and Larter said he is up to the task.

“He is [excited]. I’ve started giving him presents from his little baby brother or sister,” she said, but added jokingly that they were training him in what not to do. “We’re definitely working him, bribing him, whatever we have to do to make sure he doesn’t sneak into that crib and dangle that baby by its feet.”

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Because of Larter’s job, she said normally she keeps in shape on the treadmill or by doing hot yoga. But since she is doing what she can for a healthy baby, she has had to change her fitness routine. She explained, “When I am not pregnant, I am hard on myself, I push myself. With this pregnancy, I haven’t been able to do any of that. After I work out for like 20 minutes, I start feeling nauseous, so for me it’s just slowing down more and honoring what my body wants to do.”

“It’s a small price to pay,” she added. “I’m so excited to watch our family grow.”

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