Farting hippo leads to lawsuit against CBS (VIDEO)

Aug 27, 2014 at 4:38 p.m. ET
Image: Via Getty Images

Who would have thought that Bert the farting hippo, a stuffed animal mentioned on CBS' hit drama NCIS, could cause so much trouble? Or so much litigation for that matter.

I had to watch this video twice and then do some diligent research (read: Googling) to make sure it was true and that I wasn't being pranked. I am happy (and embarrassed for humanity) to report that this story is 100 percent true. The toy company responsible for creating the stuffed hippo, who would eventually become a beloved call-back joke on the hit show NCIS, originally joined forces with CBS to create and sell an actual farting hippo. So far, so gross, right?

But the company involved claims that CBS got up to shady business. They outsourced the manufacturing of their farting hippos to another company to save money, leaving the original farting hippo out in the cold. I have never written the phrase "farting hippo" so many times before. I'll be real, I never thought I would. Here's hoping this doesn't make it to court, because knowing my luck I'd wind up on the jury, unable to keep a straight face as various experts squeezed plush, farting hippos to defend their case.

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