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Jennifer Aniston not less a woman because she’s not a mom

Jennifer Aniston appeared on the Today Show Wednesday and said she’s tired of feeling less of a woman because she hasn’t had kids.

In a rare interview about her personal life, Aniston opened up to host Carson Daly about her lack of children and how she feels about the pressure from fans to become a mother. She revealed how she’s always being asked about having a family, especially now that she’s engaged to Justin Theroux.

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“It’s just constant and I’m like, ‘Look, I don’t know,'” she said. “I don’t have this sort of checklist of things that have to be done and if they’re not checked then I failed my feminism, or being a woman, or my value as a woman, because I haven’t, you know, birthed a child.”

Aniston continued, saying that she feels she has actually “birthed many things,” and that she’s a mom in other, different ways.

“I feel like I’ve mothered many things,” she went on. “And I don’t think it’s fair to put that kind of pressure on people.”

The Life of Crime star also told Daly that she does not understand why her fans are so interested in her personal life, even though they don’t know her at all. “If you have an answer to that please let me know — I don’t know.”

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The Friends alum revealed that she often confides in famed feminist Gloria Steinem, especially when she’s feeling overly affected by all the mom and baby pressure.

“I’ve talked to her personally about this for a while because it is always such an issue,” Aniston said. “‘Are you married yet? Have you had your babies yet?'”

Meanwhile, Aniston is staying focused on her career, and has enjoyed all the many diverse roles she has been able to play since she became famous 20 years ago.

“I keep seeing all these lifetimes that have lived and they are all so wonderful,” Aniston said. “I feel very grateful for my evolution and my history and all involved, and I would never exchange it for anything.”

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