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Stevie Nicks’ new song “Lady” is hauntingly familiar (VIDEO)

Our favorite ’70s and ’80s songstress, Stevie Nicks, is back with the release of her new song “Lady,” a power ballad that makes us want to bust out the leather and lace.

Fresh off her upcoming album 24 Carat Gold: Songs from the Vault, is “Lady,” Nicks‘ second released track from her new collection due out in early October. The collection of songs isn’t exactly new, however — while they are new to us, Nicks recently released a statement saying these songs were written between 1969 and 1987, but were never recorded until now.

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For fans who have adored Nicks since her Fleetwood Mac days, “Lady” feels like a welcome blast from the past. The piano playing, Nicks’ scratchy, one-of-a-kind voice and the lyrics’ insight into a snapshot from a confusing day are all hauntingly familiar. In fact, this new release gives us an excellent excuse to meander down memory lane with a few of our favorite vintage Nicks tunes. Soak up this new one first.

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We know “Lady” made you nostalgic for “Landslide.” Here you go.…
And then you wanted to hear a vinyl version of “Leather and Lace.”

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All this Nicks reminded you that you haven’t heard or seen the old school “Gypsy” video in a while.
We couldn’t really call this a recap of vintage Stevie Nicks songs without a little “Edge of Seventeen,” now could we?

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