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Pretty Little Liars finale kills off the biggest character yet


A didn’t want Mona joining all the reindeer games.

As the girls decorate for Christmas, A is doing some decorating of her own with her favorite Christmas color: crimson.

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WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you want some major, shocking, unbelievable spoilers from tonight’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale.

The episode begins with Alison continuing her pattern of A-like behavior. Aside from taking a lie detector test at the precinct, where she insists she had nothing to do with Bethany’s death, Ali is twisting the fact that her friends abandoned her into an opportunity to steal Mona’s (Janel Parrish) Anti-Ali team. They all quickly turn against Mona, except Lucas and Paige, thanks to Ali’s clever schemes. But don’t worry, Mona, Lucas and Paige are back on Team Liar. Lucas helps them break into the precinct files. Mona helps the girls break into Radley. And Paige and Emily (Shay Mitchell) kiss. So the gang seems to be right on track to bring down Alison A.

Well, hello, officer

This is the part where we have to take a second to segue from all the drama to a lighter note in the episode. Toby is back tonight complete with a new uniform and a snappy attitude for Spencer (Troian Bellisario). He tells her to turn around and put her hands behind her head. Uh, yes sir. At this point, we’re thinking he should audition for Magic Mike 3.

It only gets more hilarious from there when Spencer puts on her best school girl voice and explains she’s always had a problem with authority, so if Toby wants her hands on her head, he’s going to have to make her. Just when we think the show is going more Fifty Shades of Grey than we ever thought possible, they end the scene with a sweet kiss and a touching pocket watch congratulations gift from Spencer.

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Spencer has a problem with authority

Then it’s back to the drama because Spencer really does have a problem with authority. Namely, the Rosewood police department, who suspects her of killing Bethany Young. So much so that they have her arrested in connection with the murder.

We don’t really have time to dwell on her arrest though because it appears it’s Mona to the rescue. Talk about an unsung hero. She has proof that Ali lured Bethany to town because Ali knew about the affair and was jealous.

But as Mona explains what she knows over the phone, a hooded blond figure steps into the house.

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When we next see the interior of Mona’s house, it’s when the liars (sans Spencer) are running inside to find Mona. They find lots and lots of blood instead. So much so that the police say no one could have survived an attack like that. They dub it a homicide and investigate as such.

Here we are thinking that because there isn’t a body, Mona is probably still alive. She has to be alive!

Away in a manger, a trunk for a bed

Cue the last scene, where A replaces the baby Jesus in the manger outside Emily’s house with a doll that looks like Mona. A throws the Jesus doll in the trunk of her car, where Mona’s wide-eyed, pale body is staring unseeingly. She is clearly very, very dead. And we are very, very disappointed.

ABC Family shared a Pretty Little Liars reaction video from Parrish following the episode. She said she was also shocked by her death when she found out what the show had in store. Don’t worry, though, liars. Parrish assured us she’d be returning next season via flashbacks. Still, we’re kind of heartbroken that just when we were starting to like Mona she’s gone. Really, really gone.

Were you as shocked as we were about Mona’s death on the summer finale?

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