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He’s almost 60, but Kelsey Grammer wants more babies


Kelsey Grammer may already be a dad, and a granddad, but he can’t imagine his life without more kids.

Earlier this year, Grammer welcomed baby No. 6 into the world, and his second child with current wife Kayte Walsh, and now the star is ready to add to his rather large brood.

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I can’t imagine not trying for more because it’s been incredible,” the Boss actor revealed to People. “As soon as [he] came out, Kayte and I were going, ‘Yeah, let’s do another one,'” the actor said, referring to his son Gabriel Elias, who was born in July.

And apparently the little tot has been a perfect baby. However, his sister Faith, 2, is still getting used to the idea of having a younger sibling around.

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“Gabriel’s fantastic … He is a lovely kid. He’s been real easy and agreeable,” Grammer told the mag.

“[Faith] is having a little more trouble than anybody else … she realizes that her world has been chopped in half,” he said. “This wrinkle, I think, pushed her over the edge a bit.”

The actor also revealed to the mag that he loves being a dad, and it’s given him endless joy.

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“It’s just this overwhelming gratification of being close to life like this. It just gives you such hope and joy,” Grammer revealed. “I’ve never felt more alive or more serenely happy than in the throes of life with these young people. I really enjoy it.”

Perhaps baby No. 7 is already on its way!

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