The internet goes crazy for super hot True Detective director

We may not have noticed him before because he’s usually behind the camera, but True Detective director Cary Joji Fukunaga is totally gorgeous!

The handsome director and his long braided hair took to the Nokia Theatre stage on Monday night to collect his award for Outstanding Directing Emmy for the hit HBO crime drama series, and the world was completely blown over by his hotness.

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Fukunaga, who is half Swedish and half Japanese, won the gong for his True Detective episode titled, “Who Goes There,” and the announcer’s fun fact about Fukunaga’s first job was that he directed the video for Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor.”

“Oh man, I should have written something,” Fukunaga began his acceptance speech. “This is all awesome, and you’re going to need a broom to sweep up all the names I’m about to drop.”

The director then went on to thank a long list of people.

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Fans have now taken to social media to comment on the director’s good looks and ogle over his hotness. They also are asking questions, such as whether he is single or not, and commenting on his impressive braids (while they may not be for everyone they have certainly won over the internet).

But it’s not just good looks that Fukunaga possesses, obviously!

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In addition to directing True Detective, he also has directed the 2011 movie Jane Eyre, starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, as well as several other European films. He is also a writer and cinematographer.