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Primetime Emmys: 9 Things Lena Dunham’s hair looks like


Let us preface this by saying we love Lena Dunham — we think she’s brilliant. But, alas, the look she sported at the Primetime Emmys reminded us of many other things. Things which, um, are decidedly less brilliant.

First of all, you need to get the full effect: 

Lena Dunham

Now, this. (Keep reading.)

1. Howie the sun-phobe from Benchwarmers

Benchwarmers GIF

GIF via Penthe Hermit

While Howie is probably a perfectly acceptable authority on sunscreen, how to survive in a small closet for weeks or knit sweaters, this Benchwarmers character should not — under any circumstances — be someone you style your hair after. Unless you’re 5 years old and you get a hold of the safety scissors.

2. Madtv‘s man-child, Stuart


GIF via the rossbynum

Stuart Douglas Larkin, y’all. Kind of dazed, totally wacky — and always sporting that choppy blond ‘do. We seriously half expected Lena Dunham to stop on the red carpet and say, “Look what I can do,” or, “Little boys who talk dirty grow up to be Democrats.”

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3. Dizzy the ditzy vulture from The Jungle Book

Dizzy the Vulture Jungle Book

GIF via Tumblr

“What do you wanna do?” “I dunno. What do you wanna do?” “I dunno. What do you wanna do?” Dunham’s hair definitely makes her resemble the inquisitive blond buzzard in Disney’s classic kids’ movie.

4. Behmen von Bleibruck, aka Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch

Nicholas Cage, Season of the Witch

GIF via Winteriscomingbitch/Tumblr

Nicholas Cage is a man known for many things. Good hair — movie or otherwise — is not one of them.

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5. Anne Hathaway in this wig

Anne Hathaway

GIF via mynewplaidpants

We’re going to be really honest. We aren’t actually sure in what movie Anne Hathaway donned this particularly bad feathered wig. But you know what? That hair alone deserved an award for its performance. Perhaps Dunham figured if it worked for Hathaway, it would work for her, too.

6. Fester frickin’ Addams

Addams Family Values

GIF via Giphy

Oi vey. Dunham’s odd bob actually looks like the friar-like wig on Fester Addams and the blunt banged cut Joan Cusack’s conniving character, Debbie, is styling — both of which are, well, kinda ghastly.

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7. Julia “I’m a Safety Girl” Roberts in Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

GIF via Mr.Hankey/Tumblr

Not many people can pull off these kinds of bangs, much less a synthetic wig with these kinds of bangs. Julia Roberts manages it in Pretty Woman while servicing Richard Gere, but that’s really a look better left to the working girls, eh?

8. Parent Trap twins circa 1961

Parent Trap

GIF via Giphy

We’re sure this was a totally acceptable hairstyle… back in 1961, when the original Parent Trap movie premiered. While we’re in favor of rocking some vintage styles, this coif is one that should have been given the boot right along with the evil stepmother-to-be.

9. Lady Gaga in crazy concert wig mode

Lady Gaga


This wig was too much even for Mother Monster. That should tell you something, Dunham.

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