We still don’t know why Melissa McCarthy cried on the 2014 Emmys red carpet

Remember when Melissa McCarthy started crying at the Emmys, and so you started crying and had to help yourself to that third glass of Champagne and the ice cream in the freezer? Oh, no? That was just me? OK, well… aside from that.

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McCarthy arrived at the 2014 Primetime Emmys in hopes of accepting an award later that night for her role on Mike & Molly, but before the fun could start, she cried. Like, literally — just there in the middle of the carpet, tears started rolling down her face.

We didn’t know what had made McCarthy emotional… Who had made our favorite funny girl cry? Who did we have to write a scathing article about? But then we saw McCarthy grab onto Orange Is the New Black‘s Michael Harney and give him a hug.

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Melissa McCarthy

Was Harney being sweet and just comforting McCarthy, or was McCarthy so excited to see him that the tears were a product of her fangirl-ing? It seems now we’ll never know, but McCarthy admitted earlier in the year that when she was younger, she used to cry a lot more. She told People, “In my 20s, I used to cry about why I wasn’t thinner or prettier, but I want to add that I also used to cry about things like, ‘I wish my hair would grow faster. I wish I had different shoes.’ I was an idiot. It’s a decade of tears.”

Now, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with a cry from time to time (or every day), but McCarthy says that now she tries to always keep a positive attitude.

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“I’ll do almost anything for a laugh,” McCarthy says of her bold characters. “I’m completely delighted by people who think, ‘I don’t care what anybody else thinks, I look great in this, and I rock it, and I love it.’ It’s such a delightful sort of confidence.”

Melissa McCarthy

Something obviously had caught McCarthy’s eye, and it was enough to cause her some tears on the red carpet, but she caught our eye, and it’s been on her ever since.

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