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The Originals Season 2 spoilers: Davina’s new romance, power and control over Mikael


SheKnows spoke exclusively with The Originals star Danielle Campbell about what’s coming up for Davina in Season 2. One hint: She’s not going to be anyone’s pawn anymore.

In the first season of the CW’s spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, Davina was a witch used by nearly everyone, including those she trusted the most. Everything will change next season.

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“The big thing, I think, for Davina this season [is that] she’s grown up so much over the past couple months,” Campbell said. “She left her coven. She’s doing everything on her own, she’s her own person. She used to be the pawn in everyone’s game and now she’s taking charge of her own life.”

What’s it been like to play Davina as she is growing up and coming into her own? “To me it’s really great,” Campbell said about her character’s development, adding, “The best thing about acting in general, and the cool thing about a TV show, is that you get to develop a character.

“For me, myself, I feel like I’m going from [teenager] to woman,” she continued. “So it’s kind of like I get to go through it as well.”

Davina’s growing up so much, in fact, that Campbell has been shocked by some of the things she’s been doing on the show this season. “She really becomes quite a badass and I’m actually really excited about that,” Campbell said, adding that the new characters being introduced in Season 2 are going to “amp it up a notch, too.”

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When asked which episodes in particular Davina fans should watch out for, Campbell said, “Episode 3 is definitely one to keep an eye out for and then 4 and 5 are going to be really intense for sure.”

One way Davina is showing her power is by controlling Mikael, the terrifying father of the Mikaelson clan. Campbell promises their relationship will be a lot of fun for fans to watch. “The way Davina handles [Mikael] is almost like she’s just tired of him. She has him on a leash, he’s under her control and beck and call. She has this power over him, the most powerful vampire, and watching their relationship together in their scenes is so funny. They are just bickering and not wanting to put up with each other. It’s very entertaining.”

Davina didn’t exactly have the best luck when it came to romance last season. After all, her boyfriend was murdered right in front of her. But she just might be ready to try love again, if she can just learn to trust.

“Everyone that she cared about in the past either left her or they’ve been killed,” Campbell revealed. “So her biggest thing this season is protecting the people she cares about — like Marcel and Josh — and making sure they don’t get hurt. And along the way, [she] gets a little bit infatuated and charmed by the new bad boy in town. It’s not going to be easy for him, because she’s got her guard up, but he’s pretty charming so she may have to let her guard down a little bit.”

One has to wonder what Marcel will have to say about a new guy in Davina’s life, since he’s taken on the role of her big brother. According to Campbell, their bond will continue to grow stronger in Season 2. “[They] are both dealing with their own lives,” Campbell said about the pair. “She’s trying to learn her magic and she’s trying to go to school, but at the same time, Marcel is basically the only family she has left. He is like her older brother, [a] father figure to her. So she’s going to do whatever she can to keep him safe and protect him. So they definitely still have that close relationship and, if anything, it just continues to grow.”

Everyone loved the strong friendship that grew between Davina and Josh in the first season. Fans will be happy to learn that won’t change. But Josh will have a new challenge to deal with as well.

“Josh is still going to be her best friend,” Campbell said. “He went through so much with her. They’re always going to have that close relationship. This season you’re really going to see him trying to take hold of his vampire being now, because he needs to learn how to be one. I think he also needs to gain his new sense of self. He feels lost and he’s trying to figure out what he’s fighting for. So you see him kind of going under Marcel’s wing as they try to build the vampire army.”

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With so much excitement lined up for the second season, it looks like The Originals could be on for many more seasons to come. If that happens, Campbell admitted there are a couple things she’d love to see Davina do in the future.

“I would love for Davina to have some fight scenes,” she revealed. “I think if she could be a really kick-ass fighter, that would be awesome. That would be a lot fun. Also, witches are known to fly so I think it would be really cool if she could fly. But I don’t know how likely that is.”

Maybe some flying fight scenes are in Davina’s future. That sure would make for an interesting episode if it were to happen someday.

Be sure to catch The Originals Season 2 when it premieres Monday, Oct. 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

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