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Miley Cyrus vows at the VMAs that her twerking days are behind her

Could it be? Is Miley Cyrus really retiring her latest signature move? On the MTV Video Music Awards’ red carpet, the provocative pop star said goodbye to twerking.

If we learned anything from Miley Cyrus’ infamous performance at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, it’s that you just never know what to expect from Miss Miley. She’s always been what you might call a wild card.

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So when Cyrus showed up on this year’s VMAs red carpet looking chic and understated in a two-piece black leather ensemble, we thought, “Hmm, perhaps she’s turned over a new leaf.”

And, if her interview with red carpet corespondents Sway Calloway — better known simply as Sway — and Pretty Little LiarsLucy Hale is any indication, our suspicion may just be spot-on.

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When Cyrus and Hale start chatting about another famous rabble-rouser, Nicki Minaj, Cyrus joked that she just can’t compete with Minaj in one very specific way. “I can bring the wrecking ball, but I can’t bring that ass,” she laughed.

Even so, Cyrus seemed uncharacteristically toned-down and demure throughout the interview, even dropping a shocking revelation.

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“I’m retiring the twerk,” she said.

Wait, say whaaaa? According to Cyrus, who’s currently on tour and working on her next album, these days she’s focused more on her music.

“I live to be in the studio,” she confessed. And you know, she sounded totally genuine. “This record might take me five years. I’m just gonna work on it until I’m done,” she told Hale and Sway.

We were a bit dubious, but Cyrus seems pretty confident her ass-clapping days are over, insisting, “It’s not about twerking — it’s about the music.”

For now, it appears she has passed the twerking torch to none other than Nicki Minaj.

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