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REVIEW: Indie-dance gang Rubblebucket returns with infectious Survival Sounds

You know what this world needs? More cool, lighthearted pop rock. More decent attitudes. More reasons to smile. This Brooklyn-based fivesome, which were recently signed to the Communion label, are exactly that. And their fourth studio album, Survival Sounds, is even better than the rest.

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Unlike yawns, not all smiles are contagious. The pull of your lips while listening to Survival Sounds, however, will no doubt make its rounds among your friends. Our only regret? That Survival Sounds didn’t release early enough to be our soundtrack to summer. With their mix of disco vibes and tropical beats, you couldn’t find a better fit for summer if you tried.

“Sound of Erasing” is without a doubt one of the best tracks on the album. It starts off timid and simple enough, with slow but moving beats that seem almost tribal despite the synthy, futuristic tinge. Given enough space and left to your own devices, those same drums could have you dancing with knees to your gut and rocking back in exaggerated, spine-crunching bends. The music is just too good to worry about judgment… it’s the sound of erasing self-doubt.

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The horns on “Rewind” will pull you straight into the disco era. The only thing that keeps the song planted firmly in the present is that oh-so-fabulous synth, like something straight off a UFO. Kalmia Traver’s voice is especially glorious on the track: The perfect mix of dulcet but edgy and unique. We want to sound like her. Always.

Maybe we’re copping out, but we think Rubblebucket is a band best served not by reviews, but by making you listen to them for yourself. The first single from the album, “Carousel Ride,” mixes in a bit of R&B into Rubblebucket’s indie pop sound and is all the better for it. Don’t take our word for it, though. Listen to the track for yourself.
In love yet? Us, too. Survival Sounds is out now.

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