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Julianne Moore is raising her kids to be charitable


Some super-stars’ kids grow up with a super-sized sense of entitlement. Not Julianne Moore’s.

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In an interview with People, the actress, children’s book author and app designer talks about how she’s raised her kids to know that they’re lucky.

We talk about how lucky we are as a family to have what we need, that the kids are able to go to grade school and whenever we need to go to the doctor, we can go to the doctor,” the actress says of her kids Caleb, 16, and Liv, 12, with director husband Bart Freundlich.

Apparently, Moore is also making sure the kids know how to give back to those who aren’t so lucky.

“They have lots of opportunities, and they’re aware that they’re lucky that way,” she says. “We do talk about giving back or giving to charity or what it means to be less fortunate — they’re aware of everything.”

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The kids have a good example to follow. Four-time Oscar nominee Moore is an active supporter of many charitable organizations, but she speaks up for one charity in particular: Children’s Health Fund, which provides health care and services to underserved kids all over the country.

“They are amazing,” Moore says. “I was really impressed with how practical Irwin [Redlener, co-founder] and Karen [Redlener, executive director] have been with their pursuit in giving everybody an equal shot in life.”

Children’s Health Fund backs pediatric programs nationwide, educates the public and uses mobile clinics to provide health care to kids who live in places where doctors’ offices are otherwise difficult to access, something Moore says is much needed.

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“We’re supposed to be able to have our opportunities in front of us,” she adds. “They’re trying, in a sense, to level the playing field and give these kids a real opportunity.”

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