10 Things you didn't know about HeyUSA's Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart

Aug 25, 2014 at 12:42 p.m. ET
Image: Maddie Cordoba

Social media sensations Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart have taken the internet and the USA by storm.

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The two self-proclaimed "only slightly savvy" travelers recently took an eight-week summer road trip around North America, documenting their high jinks along the way. The comedy team visited a new city each week and their travels were based solely on the suggestions of their beloved fans. Previews of their vacay are pretty entertaining and full-length episodes of their show, HeyUSA, will air on Condé Nast's new website, www.thescene.com, starting on Oct. 15.

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SheKnows met up with Helbig and Hart at Malibu Wines and found out exactly why they're bound to be America's favorite road tripping duo: they're hilarious.

1. They're as real as it gets

No team needed here. The ladies don't travel with hair or makeup artists, but instead film as they are.

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2. Mamrie's fave summer treat? ex-lax and martinis

The two things that keep her travels smooth. "Are you kidding me? ex-lax is my best friend this summer," Hart said. "Our bodies shut down when we travel. You know you are getting old when I look at Grace and go, 'I just want one martini and two laxatives.'"

3. Grace is a huge fan of Poo-Pourri

Since the two travel with a large crew and are often in close quarters, Helbig carries the product that claims it will "leave the toilet smelling better than you found it" with her at all times. The company behind the special spray caught wind of her obsession and Helbig was ecstatic when they offered to send her products for free.

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4. They're "fun slobs"

Helbig and Hart originally got the idea to record themselves traveling because of their less-than-posh habits while on the road. "We are just like the queens of hotel rooms," said Hart.

"Yeah, because we are not fancy about our travel... We always have a fun time, we are kinda fun slobs," added Helbig.

5. Charlie Sheen inspired their YouTube series You Deserve a Drink

"I had an idea for making a video about making up a drink for Charlie Sheen during his meltdown," Hart revealed. "That turned into You Deserve a Drink, which Grace has been making with me for three years."

6. They love Bloody Marys in the afternoon

Helbig and Hart were put together as strangers on a sketch comedy team while they were both living in New York and quickly bonded over their love of day-drinking. "Grace and I realized that we lived about four blocks away from each other, even though the sketch team had dissolved" said Hart. "And so we became each other's 'Monday at 2 p.m. Bloody Mary' friends. Like, the no-judgment 'I want to get a Bloody Mary and I don't want to be judged.'"

7. They're not just YouTube stars

Helbig and Hart are poised for a mainstream takeover. Hart signed a publishing deal with Plume Books to release the literary version of You Deserve a Drink, which will be part recipe book and part memoir, in 2015, and Helbig recently filmed a super-exciting pilot for E! "The fun part is that the audience doesn't totally know how TV works so they don't understand it's just a pilot. The automatically think I have a show. So, I really hope they pick it up so I don't have to be like 'Psych, guys!'" said Helbig.

"Well, spoiler alert," Hart quickly jumped in. "I got to be on set for three days and it's great. She nailed it so f***ing hard as you would expect, and so if they don't pick it up they're idiots."

8. They're happy to choose their own wardrobes while filming

"The good thing is we get to wear over-sized shirts on the show," said Helbig as Hart quickly added, "Because once you take this off I look like E.T."

9. They are doing live stage shows that are similar to their YouTube channels

After HeyUSA wraps, the girls are going on tour with fellow internet sensation Hannah Hart for a live show called No Filter. "It's an hour to an hour and a half of us doing bits and playing games with the audience," Helbig said.

"Anything goes! Whatever we think is funny," added Hart.

10. The original title for HeyUSA was Summergirls

"We called it Summergirls," Helbig said with a laugh, referencing the title when they were pitching their idea for the show.

"With like four Zs an and at symbol... it made no sense," Hart added, cracking up.

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