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Wait, did George R.R. Martin just tease “lots of death” in new Game of Thrones book?

The always-surprising author George R.R. Martin shared some huge news today for fans of his series Game of Thrones. And by “huge,” we mean “hugely disappointing.” Martin announced that the latest installment in his series would have tons of death. Fans of Martin and the HBO series know: This is the least surprising announcement ever. As a matter of fact, even people who don’t give two hoots about the show still know Martin seems to get off on killing characters. That’s why he does it all the damn time. To help Martin understand just how useless that factoid was, we decided to share a few things that are more surprising than the many Game of Thrones deaths Martin has promised. Ready?

Martin admits some fan predictions are right >>

M&Ms have chocolate inside

Kim K

GIF courtesy of Bravo via

George W. Bush can never be president again

Big Labowski

GIF courtesy of Working Title Films via

Anderson Cooper is gay

Sponge Bob

GIF courtesy of Nickelodeon via

Owners say the inside of a Fiat is actually really small

Rocky Horror Picture Show

GIF courtesy of 20th Century Fox via

Queen Elizabeth has no interest in the iron throne >>

Dudes loved Baywatch

Pete Campbell, Mad Men

GIF courtesy of AMC via

Cookie Monster has a really poor diet

Cookie Monster

GIF courtesy of PBS via

Dolly Parton has breast implants

Gossip Girl

GIF courtesy of The CW via

The tide

Nene Leaks

GIF courtesy of Bravo via

Something scandalous will happen on Scandal

Emma Stone

GIF courtesy of Sony via

Sometimes it rains

The Queen

GIF courtesy of BBC via

The remote is wedged between the couch cushions

Brad Pitt

GIF courtesy of New Line Cinema via

If you go swimming, you’ll get wet


GIF courtesy of The CW via

Someone on Grey’s Anatomy will cheat

Rowan Atkinson

GIF courtesy of ITV via

So, thanks, George R.R. Martin, for that breaking news. Let us know when you have more spoilers, eh?

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