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8 Things the Girls Season 4 trailer should have covered

Lena Dunham took to Instagram today to announce that production for HBO’s Girls Season 4 has finally begun. Seeing as how we left Hannah with the possibility of grad school in the Midwest, we’re beyond excited to see what Season 4 has to offer. So, when she uploaded this teaser, we were hoping for something awesome. Instead, we got this silly but short and meaningless video.

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Honestly, it comes as no surprise to us that Hannah can’t ride a bike. We already knew she struggled with menial tasks like using cotton swabs or bathing independently. Of course we giggled as she took a tumble off her bike onto what we presume is the campus where she’s going to grad school. But there’s so much more we would have rather seen from the first tease of Girls Season 4. Like…

1) Is Adam still around?

The last time we saw Adam (Adam Driver) and Hannah together, they were parting ways. He’d just had his play opening and Hannah picked that exact moment to tell him about grad school. Everyone already knew Hannah was incapable of watching someone else have the spotlight, but that seemed to go too far. Even for Adam. Still, because we love that crazy man, we’re hoping he miraculously finds his way into Season 4.

2) Is that really a new college campus?

It seemed pretty clear that Hannah was choosing grad school in the middle of BFE, right? However, she’s not exactly known for sticking to her guns and making the best possible life decisions. Is it possible she chickened out? Sure, she had a backpack. That doesn’t mean anything.

3) Can Hannah handle being away from the city and her friends?

We’re not 100 percent sure Hannah could survive in a world without Marnie, especially. Shosh and Jess are there and they’re brilliant. We wouldn’t trade them for all the other friend possibilities in the world. At the end of the day, though, it’s Marnie who seems to constantly keep Hannah in check. How can she manage without her on-again, off-again BFF?

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4) Can the Midwest handle Hannah?

Perhaps an even bigger concern is how Hannah will fit into suburban life. We recognize that this is where she came from. But, everything about the previous three seasons suggests that Hannah functions best in abnormal situations, dysfunction and chaos. When it doesn’t exist, she creates it. Will our little writer wreak havoc on middle America? History suggests, “Yes.”

5) Will she finally wear a bra?

…What? This is a valid concern.

6) Has she gotten her OCD under control?

We mostly love Hannah, but the girl is a mess. Some of it is her own doing, but a lot of it is related to her mental illness. We’ve already learned that Adam was better than anyone else at helping her keep her shit together. Based on the Season 3 finale, we think it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t follow her to grad school. So… how’s she doing?

7) How will professors handle her lack of direction in life?

You’d think that someone in grad school would have their life together and have some sort of real work ethic. We already know that’s not the case with Hannah. We’d love one scene where she throws an excuse at a professor, just so we can watch a normal human being react to her.

8) Obviously, where is everyone else?

If Hannah is off at grad school, will we see much of Marnie, Shosh and Jessa? While we understand that Hannah is the main character, we still want more time with the rest of the gang. In particular, we’re curious to see how Marnie’s singing career is going. Aren’t you?

With production just starting and seemingly months to go before any more actual footage, we’re trying not to fixate on the lack of information. And, you know, trying not to be super-annoyed by that silly tease-that-wasn’t.

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