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New Champagne glass modeled after Kate Moss’s left boob (VIDEO)

To celebrate Kate Moss’s astonishing 25 years’ (and going strong) business in the world of high-fashion modeling, a London restaurant will toast Moss with champagne coupes designed after her left breast at an event in October.


Drinking out of a Champagne glass designed to look like a breast might sound shocking, but the truth is human beings have been doing just that for a very, very long time. In fact, the very first Champagne coupes (different than the traditional flutes) were designed to look like Marie Antoinette’s (she of the whole cake-eating catastrophe) left breast! That’s right, you’ve been tippling from a boob and you didn’t even know it.

We don’t know what Kate thinks of this idea, but she must be pleased — she’s agreed to raise a glass of herself in salute come the fall months. The glasses themselves are actually incredibly pretty. So, if you love Champagne, Kate Moss’s unique and tenacious looks, and think you might need some more glassware, get you to London posthaste.

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