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Raunchy act gets Miley Cyrus banned in Dominican Republic

The government of the Dominican Republic has banned Miley Cyrus’ concert on morality grounds. The raunchy singer has twerked herself out of a performance.

A commission that oversees public performances in that country said that they can’t allow Cyrus to perform publicly due to the lack of morals in her controversial show, The Huffington Post reported. The concert “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law,” a statement from the commission read.

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Before the cancellation of the concert, tickets for the show had been on sale since July and ranged in price from $27 to $370.

Cyrus’ reps have not responded yet, and Dominican Republic concert organizers have not addressed the issue either. Meanwhile, many critics have spoken out about Cyrus’ Bangerz tour, calling it vulgar due to its heavy twerking and crotch-grabbing content.

The antics of Cyrus’ show also came into question by the FCC here in the U.S. when NBC aired a showing of the concert on July 6. After a slew of complaints came in from viewers all over the country, it caused the television watchdog agency to launch an investigation into whether the concert content violated its rules against broadcasting “sexual or excretory activity,” TMZ claimed.

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Some of the biggest complaints were against the stripper costumes used onstage, Cyrus frolicking with half-naked men and women on a bed and the singer grinding against a person wearing an Abraham Lincoln costume.

Cyrus is also set to be back on the MTV VMAs in a few days where her appearance will follow last year’s infamous lewd performance with Robin Thicke. The Parents Television Council (PTC) has asked the network to keep it clean, but MTV officials are not making any promises.

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“The beauty of the VMAs is we never know what’s going to happen,” Video Music Awards executive producer Amy Dole told FOX411. “We put the best artists and some of the world’s most interesting personalities in one room, sit back and watch the magic happen.”

MTV insiders, however, claim that the show’s content is all scripted ahead of time and producers know exactly what will happen during the airing.

“Everything is rehearsed. Everything is scripted,” DJ for 955 WPLJ Ralphie Aversa said. “There are very few things that happen on these telecasts that the producers aren’t aware of ahead of time.”

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