Pretty Little Liars: 5 Absolutely true finale spoilers

Aug 22, 2014 at 9:22 p.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale airs next week, which means you can bet the craziness will escalate and then leave us hanging. The suspense is why we love the show, right? But for those of you who can't wait to know what's going down, we've got some truths you can be sure you'll find next week among the lies.

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1. Holbrook is back

It looks like Detective Holbrook will be stepping in as some much-needed backup for Tanner. He's taking the reins on the case this week as things heat up in Rosewood. We're thinking it's way past time the parents got more involved — especially if the events in the promo are any indication.

2. Someone will be fatally injured

And the police are calling it a homicide. In the teaser video, Holbrook can be heard saying, "The amount of blood would indicate that the victim's wounds were fatal." That would suggest, however, that the police don't have a body. And without a body in Rosewood, anything is possible. The promo does promise, "Someone will die." But let's be real: The show and producers have skated around the truth before, so we're not going to trust them just yet.

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3. Ali is on the outs

According to the synopsis for the finale episode, the girls are suspicious Alison has been A this whole time. Now that she's out of the liars' gang, she'll be building an army of her own. We don't really know what to think about this girl at this point, but we're going to side with the liars and say don't trust her.

In a clip released by ABC Family, Ali is at the police station taking a lie detector test. The clip cuts out right before we can see whether or not Ali is telling the truth when she says her name is, "Alison Lauren DiLaurentis." Is Alison really Alison? Or is the show actually going with the twin theory?

4. Mona joins Team Liar

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Mona break into Radley with Hanna's (Ashley Benson) help as the lookout. In another clip, we see the two girls successfully make it inside the institution, only to be thwarted by an arriving cop car. Will Holbrook catch them in the act and arrest the girls? And what are they searching for? It has to be something connected to Bethany, but will it give them the answers they're hoping for?

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5. Someone gets arrested

And we're guessing it's either Toby or Caleb. Judging from the girls' "What? What?" voices as Holbrook reads that person their rights, it's someone close to the liars. We don't think it's one of the liars, though, because they're kind of a package deal at this point. If Holbrook were arresting one, wouldn't he arrest them all?

Could this possibly have to do with the confession Tanner told Byron she was expecting last episode? Maybe Ali throws someone under the bus to help her case.


The Pretty Little Liars summer finale airs Tuesday on ABC Family.