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The Vampire Diaries‘ Season 6 trailer is a real tearjerker

The Vampire Diaries‘ teaser trailer for Season 6 promises an emotional beginning when the show returns.

Everyone, including Damon (ghost Damon?) is telling Elena (Nina Dobrev) to move on from the events that transpired during the dramatic Season 5 finale.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Do not continue reading unless you want to know what’s in store for our favorite Vampire Diaries characters.

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As you’ll recall, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie both died at the end of the last season. In the last scene of Season 5, we see the two of them hold hands as they accept their fate when The Other Side imploded. We’re still hoping Bonnie’s grandma comes through on her promise that she took care of some things before moving on. And we’re hoping “some things” means a loophole for Damon and Bonnie.

Somerhalder did, in fact, post a picture of himself on Instagram recently as a bloodied and vamped out Damon.

He captioned the photo, “He’s back! #DamonSalvatore,” which we’re taking as a good sign that Damon will be up to his old tricks and back in the real world soon enough.

Plus, with Alaric (Matt Davis) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) both returning for Season 6, where would those bromances be without Damon?

Season 6 will pick up sometime after we left off last season. The gang has been forced outside of Mystic Falls due to the “no magic” rule over the city.

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It looks like Elena, in her grief, will be embracing her vampire self. We just hope she doesn’t turn off her emotions. Been there, done that, and it was exhausting.

We don’t think that’s the case. Executive producer Julie Plec told The Hollywood Reporter, “The theme of the season is everybody gets to start over. That’s what we’re going to do.” She said Season 6 aims to “boil it back down to the beginning” in a “beautiful and organic reset.”

Could this possibly — amazingly — mean Elena could become human again?

Watch the full Season 6 teaser trailer below.

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