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6 Times Jimmy Fallon broke character on SNL (VIDEOS)

Long before Jimmy Fallon cracked us up every night as the host of The Tonight Show, he cracked himself (and us) up with his Saturday Night Live skits. Here are a few of our favorite clips of Jimmy Fallon breaking character on SNL.

1. Aquarium Repairmen

Doesn’t everyone occasionally indulge in an exaggerated version of what we believe to be a “Jersey” accent? And why bother with a Jersey accent if you’re not going to incorporate colorful Jersey euphemisms? The only tricky part of indulging in such games is that it’s hilarious and nearly impossible to keep a straight face, something Fallon and Horatio Sanz figure out about 4:20.

2. Jeffrey’s

Sean Hayes and Fallon team up to exaggerate the painful experience of shopping in an expensive boutique with snooty salespeople. Fallon can barely get through the first sentence without cracking up (who can blame him — this has got to be one of SNL‘s all-time best skits), but the wheels really come off the bus when Will Ferrell‘s ultra-trendy persona makes an appearance. Watch. Repeat.

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3. The Leatherman

There is something about the Fallon/Sanz combo that results in the uncontrollable urge to break out laughing. When these two pair up as the preposterous “Leatherman” and his lackey, how can a guy not laugh?

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4. Behind the Music (More Cowbell)

Sure, we’ve watched this skit hundreds of times, but we were so preoccupied with Ferrell’s gut and Christopher Walken‘s trademark monotone delivery, we didn’t really notice Fallon losing his shit in the background. He cracks up about 1:55 into this clip (he lasted a hell of a lot longer than we did) and then continues chuckling through the end.

5. Debbie Downer’s Trip to Disney World

Rachel Dratch’s recurring character, Debbie Downer, personifies that one person in everyone’s circle who has to ruin everyone’s good time by being a complete buzz kill. True to form, Debbie Downer is ruining everyone’s excitement about being in Disney World, and it’s more than the SNL cast can take. Fallon isn’t alone in cracking up during this skit — seasoned actress Lindsay Lohan can’t hold it together and even Dratch starts laughing so hard she can’t make the required frown when the camera pans in on her.

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6. The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Those of us who grew up with the Bee Gees can’t keep a straight face when Fallon and Justin Timberlake team up for The Barry Gibb Talk Show — but neither can anyone else. The boys almost lose it about 2:27 in, and although Fallon does an uncharacteristically good job of staying in character (especially because it is arguably one of his funniest impersonations), no one else can. Timberlake drops his head several times to laugh, and Dratch and Sanz also indulge in a bit of giggling.

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