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Scott Weiland not a crook: Cops fooled by look-alike (VIDEO)

In a strange twist in the plot, it turns out that rocker Scott Weiland was never arrested, and it’s all been an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

It was previously reported that Weiland had been in jail since July after he was allegedly arrested for shoplifting razors, and when police were searching him, they found meth in his possession.

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However, the police got it all wrong! The man in custody claimed he was the “Fall to Pieces” hit maker, and the police believed him. According to TMZ, they received a written statement from the BHPD, titled “Celebrity Arrest,” which says, “The suspect, former Stone Temple Pilots band member Scott Weiland (46 years of age), was taken into custody…”

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After seeing all the rumors about his arrest in the media, Weiland decided to clear up the mess by taking to Facebook. There, he posted a video of himself at a Los Angeles, California, recording studio, where he was joined by the members of his band the Wildabouts.

In the video, Weiland said that instead of being in jail, “I’ve actually been touring, writing and recording my new album. In the studio we’re in right now. A Los Angeles studio. All I have to say to our fans is, whether you found it funny, or interesting or whether you were sad, don’t worry. Don’t fret.”

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So, who is the man that police actually have in custody? Apparently, the inmate has now been identified as Jason Michael Hurley, TMZ reports. Police only discovered that the inmate was not actually Weiland through a very belated FBI fingerprint analysis, (he’s been locked up since July 26). Whoops!

Watch Scott Weiland’s video below.

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