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Be one of the cool kids and watch The Kloons’ Sisters Episode 2

Our favorite new offbeat video funsters, The Kloons, have struck again. They earned a reoccurring spot on our “videos that will pull me out of a crappy mood” playlist with their first episode of Sisters. Now, they’re at it again, but unlike a lot of sequels, Sisters Episode 2 is better than the first.

Before we bring you the second installment of Sisters, let us provide a primer. The first episode in this series has The Kloons reenacting a recorded conversation between Nik’s mother and aunt. If two dudes in their 30s lip-syncing to two women in their 60s (who discuss the most random of topics) doesn’t tickle your funny bone, you don’t have one.

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In the second installment, The Kloons bring us a sequel worth waiting for. The discussion diverts from dry landscaping beds to “husky” transgender Costco employees, and features sets that are as delightfully arbitrary as the conversations. Maybe one of the funniest things about these videos is women have conversations like this all day, every day and the thought of being pranked by two guys acting out our chats hits a little close to home. If it can happen to Nik’s mom and aunt, it can happen to us.

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