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Nick Cannon confirms separation from Mariah Carey


Reports Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have been living apart are the stuff of tabloid rumor no more, as the father of two has opened up to confirm their marriage troubles.

Speaking to The Insider With Yahoo on Thursday, Cannon explained for the first time, “There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

“My main focus is my kids,” the America’s Got Talent host added, speaking of his and Carey’s 3-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe.

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The admission they’re having marital issues is a huge change from Cannon, who laughed off split rumors while doing an interview with Parade just months ago.

“You kind of have to ignore [the gossip] because every week it’s something different, and if you paid attention to it, it actually probably would start really affecting you,” he explained in May. “There’s no merit or truth to it. It’s kind of humorous, really. It couldn’t be further off from the truth, and it really affects the credibility of the so-called newspapers.”

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Carey has yet to address their separate living arrangement publicly. The proud mom has continued to share photos of herself and their twins on Instagram, but hasn’t included a photo of Cannon since June.

Posting the sweet shot below two months ago, the woman who’s quite picky about who cares for their darlings wrote, “Happy Early Father’s Day!!”

“She is heartbroken,” an unnamed source has gossiped to E! News about the singer’s emotional state over their strained marriage. “This has been going on for months. It has a lot to do with Nick’s career choices. He does not have to work, but he’s been throwing himself into gigs and projects.

“She has tried and tried to get him to stay home more, but he always uses work as an excuse,” the source continued, explaining money is a point of contention for Carey and Cannon. “When she points out that, financially, he does not need to be working as much as he does, it pisses him off and pushes him farther away. He hates when people assume he’s living off her money.”

Does Nick Cannon’s confirmation he’s been living apart from Mariah Carey surprise you?

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