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Jimmy Fallon trims Jared Leto’s bush (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon may be known for his hilarious way with words and the childlike, innocent way he plays with celebrities, but The Tonight Show host has a hidden talent, which he showcased on Jared Leto.

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Leto, who has made quite the name for himself with his wavy, long locks of hair that put most women to shame, has a new addition to his wardrobe: an untamed mass of beard.

We have to agree with Fallon on this one. “I would take the beard down a notch… I would just take it down a little bit.”

Luckily for Leto, Fallon has quite the talent for beard trimming. He promptly whips out a hairdresser’s cover-up and a trimmer and sets to work before Leto has even really agreed to the cut.

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Leto, who has been growing the beard since the Oscars, seemed a bit nervous as he graciously tipped his head back for the shave. “I’m very attached to it, so…” Leto says, ending the sentence by letting out a deep breath.

Leto, who is currently touring the U.S. with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars, later took to The Tonight Show stage with his newly trimmed face to perform his single “End of All Days.”

“It’s a great song to play with a mustache… or a goatee,” the singer said as Fallon whacked through Leto’s beard.

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“Looking good!” one female audience member yelled from the crowd as Fallon took the beard down even shorter. We hope they had someone waiting backstage to even out Leto’s new style. Fallon, though he had a lot of hair to go through, was doing a patchy job without a mirror.

“You trimmed my bush really good,” Leto joked as he stroked the stubble left on his face.

Watch the full clip below.

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