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Kevin Hart’s ex-wife crashed his engagement bash


Not even a day after announcing his engagement, actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, is already having trouble steering clear of his ex-wife, Torrei Hart.

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Huewire reports that Kevin took his brand-new fiancée, Eniko Parrish, to Atlanta’s Magic City Strip Club to celebrate their engagement, because, you know, classy.

Surprise! Kevin’s ex-wife was having a celebration of her own at Magic City, with co-stars from her Atlanta Exes show, which premiered last night. Awkward.

Supposedly, neither had any idea the other would be at the same strip club, but in a city the size of Atlanta, that would be one pretty major coincidence.

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The uncomfortable run-in seems like a bad sign for Kevin and Parrish’s future as man and wife. But Kevin reportedly flaunted his gorgeous wife-to-be and dropped a whopping $40k on her during the celebration, on top of the freaking giant engagement ring he just gave her.

Sources say Kevin and Torrei pretty much ignored each other — no words were exchanged during their night out.

And other onlookers say Torrei was there with a guy of her own and seemed comfortable and content with him.

Ignoring each other is a pretty big change for Kevin and Torrei. The recently-divorced pair has been drama central — recently, Kevin went on a Twitter rant about his ex, saying things like, “It’s amazing what people do for attention… all I can do is laugh at a lot of this ridiculousness.”

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Hart added in later tweets that he would never “slander” his ex-wife’s name and that he “honestly” hopes she finds happiness, and then he blamed his emotional outburst on listening to Drake’s album.

So, was their strip club run-in purely coincidental? Or is this a thinly veiled attempt by Kevin and Torrei to get under each other’s skin? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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