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Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp call it quits


Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp seemed like an unlikely couple when they got together more than three years ago, but it appeared to work for them — until now. It looks like the quiet couple has ended their relationship.

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“It was the distance,” a source told People. “She lives in New York and he resides in Indiana. It was the long distance that ultimately was the cause.”

Mellencamp was married to his wife, Elaine, for 18 years and he got together with Ryan shortly after his divorce in 2010. According to People, they were last spotted out with each other in May. Although they both have their own careers, the pairing was a match made in Hollywood, but the couple rarely commented on their relationship or appeared out in public together.

Between Mellencamp and Ryan, they have seven children, which would be enough in itself to keep them apart. But apparently, having to visit New York so often was hard for Mellencamp and it looks like it was the reason for the split.

“I’m too sensitive to live there,” he said back in December. “I can’t see poor people. I can’t see the suffering. I can’t see the trash on the streets.”

He also said he doesn’t like the amount of attention from paparazzi that Ryan receives in the city and added that, “I’m not leaving Indiana. I’m going to die here.”

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Besides the distance, both stars are working on some big projects. Mellencamp is releasing his 22nd album in November. Ryan is working with Tom Hanks on her directorial debut, Ithaca — reportedly “a WWII coming-of-age drama.”

The actress had also attempted to make the jump to the small screen — with a pilot and also as the voice of How I Met Your Dad — but neither show made it past the pilot stage.

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