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Taylor Swift invites fans to her home for pizza party

Could she get any cooler? Taylor Swift hosted a pizza party for fans at her New York home on Monday.

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Following her livestream announcing her new album 1989 at the Empire State Building, the singer invited 90 of her biggest fans back to her apartment for food and a dance party.

Of course, the fans didn’t leave empty-handed. She gave them all swag bags, which included T-shirts that read, “Shake it Off,” the name of her new single, and another shirt that read “Players gonna play,” a line from the song.

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Swift also gave them some relationship advice, obviously. She reportedly told her fans they don’t need a man or relationship to be happy.

The fans took to Twitter, as any loyal fan would, and posted a stream of reports detailing the party and Swift’s apartment.

Here’s what we now know about her apartment based on what attendees had to say:

  • It smells like Anthropologie (Did we expect anything less?)
  • She refers to her cat Olivia as Dibbles
  • She keeps her bar stocked with SKYY vodka
  • Her DVD collection includes Friends with Benefits, Bambi, Frozen and Law & Order: SVU
  • There’s a picture of Ed Sheeran giving the middle finger
  • She graciously let fans hold her various awards, including her Grammys
  • She has a birdcage filled with books for decoration
  • One of her rooms has an entire wall filled with Polaroids of her friends

Every fan seemed to agree on one thing: Swift treated them all awesomely, like they were all her best friends. Score one for Swift as an appreciative celeb.

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