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Tom Cruise readily accepts ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

Tom Cruise readily accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge along with director Chris McQuarrie after being nominated by Hugh Jackman.

The challenge-loving Cruise happily took on the cold-water shower with his equally brave Mission: Impossible 5 director as they gear up to start shooting the anticipated sequel. The pair even offered to make donations on behalf of everyone who will be working on the film.

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“Chris and I are also making donations on behalf of every member of our cast and crew who were lucky enough not to be here today,” Cruise said. And before the buckets came pouring in, McQuarrie listed the lucky nominees he and Cruise wanted for the challenge.

“And before we do this,” McQuarrie said, “We want to nominate Adam Goodman, David Ellison and Brad Grey.”

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The pair was hit by no less than eight buckets of ice water each, prompting Cruise to jokingly say, “Shit, how much more? There’s no ending!”

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge persuades participants to either succumb to being doused with icy water or donate $100 to the ALS Association. The movement is designed to raise money for awareness and research for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), and has spread across the nation, having gone viral with celebrities, politicians and sports stars taking it on.

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Many agree to do both — the ice bucket and donate the money — then after completing the tasks, they get to challenge three other people to do the same.

Some of the famous who have taken on the icy water challenge include Ashton Kutcher, Emily Blunt, Chef Gordon Ramsay, Nicole Scherzinger, Topher Grace, Demi Lovato, Dax Shepard, Josh Brolin, John Krasinski, Kat Graham, Robert Buckley, Justin Timberlake and former President George W. Bush.

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