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Jimmy Fallon slays Pierce Brosnan in GoldenEye 007 (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon made one of his childhood dreams come true last night on The Tonight Show by playing a round of the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 with none other than James Bond himself.

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Pierce Brosnan was Fallon’s guest on the show and Fallon, of course, had other ideas besides just talking. In fact, he gushed over his James Bond fandom — which Brosnan graciously accepted, though we’re sure he’s heard that one once or twice before — and promptly challenged the actor to a round of the classic video game GoldenEye 007.

Brosnan looks way too composed for the child’s game. The gleeful look on Fallon’s face, on the other hand, definitely negates the fact he’s wearing a suit. Brosnan graciously agrees to play the game with Fallon after admitting he’s only previously played it once and “shot myself in the foot.”

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“Good luck, Mr. Bond,” Fallon says in the perfect villain accent right before they start the game.

Brosnan has very little time to familiarize himself with the game. Fallon has no mercy and promptly shoots Brosnan. Brosnan takes the runaway approach and isn’t killed. At first.

“Oh! How are you still alive?” Fallon laughs, astonished. “You’re like the real Bond! Oh my god!”

Fallon quickly recovers, however, and shoots Brosnan in the back a few times before Brosnan’s screen goes red and it’s game over.

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“Jimmy,” Brosnan says, full of drama, “I thought you liked me.”

The two gentlemen hug it out and we’re pretty sure we couldn’t possibly love Brosnan any more in this moment. He seems like the coolest gent ever.

The only things we’re disappointed about is that they didn’t play another round.

Watch the full clip below.
You can watch a lot more of Brosnan when he’s back in action as an ex-CIA agent in The November Man, which hits theaters Aug. 27.

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