Pretty Little Liars review: Ravenswood gets a conclusion

Aug 20, 2014 at 5:23 a.m. ET
Image: ABC Family

With only one season, spinoff Ravenswood left fans with some serious loose ends. Though the show and producers have been promising that we'll see some resolution thanks to Caleb this season on Pretty Little Liars, it wasn't until tonight's episode that we finally saw the story line creep into Rosewood.

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Let the crossovers begin

After Caleb's (Tyler Blackburn) constant vodka love finally warrants a bro-fueled intervention with Toby, Caleb cracked and filled Hanna (Ashley Benson) in on the Ravenswood backstory. He said he needs the alcohol because, otherwise, he's afraid to sleep. He's afraid Miranda will come to him in a dream, as she did before, and tell him that she's not OK in the afterlife.

As if that wasn't enough to fuel our Ravenswood-filled desires, the Ouija board is back, and it's spelling out some sort of message when Caleb and Hanna aren't looking ('cuz they're too busy making out). Who could be trying to contact Caleb? Is it Miranda?

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Then, to top off the night of Ravenswood lore, there are fireflies outside the window. More and more seem to congregate as Caleb is finally able to get some sleep since he got his story off his chest. But all might not be so safe. Along with the fireflies outside something or someone is rustling in the bushes.

Part of us thinks the last thing Pretty Little Liars needs is more complications, while the other, albeit larger, side is excited to finally see how the show will integrate the story.

We weren't kidding about complications

While Caleb and Hanna are dealing with problems of the supernatural type, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is dealing with some very real family drama. Melissa escapes back to England, but not before leaving Spencer with the video we saw her recording last episode. In the footage, Melissa confesses she saw Spencer the night Ali went missing. When she saw the shovel Spencer was holding, she assumed Spencer was the one to kill Ali and buried the body. Stay with us here. Because it's complicated, as only Pretty Little Liars can be. Despite having the same blond hair and the same outfit on as Ali, the girl Melissa buried wasn't in fact Ali. It was Bethany. And she wasn't dead. So Melissa was the unintentional real killer. But — and, of course there's a but — Melissa isn't really at fault. Clearly someone wanted Bethany to be mistaken for Ali, hence the matching outfits.

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So who is really responsible for Bethany's death? The girls think it's Ali now that they are against her. And it seems pretty plausible, especially since we know how she's been manipulating Cyrus and Noel Kahn to do her bidding. Plus, Ali has a reputation for brushing people off once she's gotten her use out of them. Sure, she hasn't killed anyone. That we know of. But we could really see her capable of it, don't you think?

One little liar has got a secret, and she's not going to keep it

To make Ali seem even more like the type who will push you off a cliff if it means saving herself, Tanner tells Aria's (Lucy Hale) dad that one of the liars is planning on speaking with her. Tanner is assuming this girl is going to tell her the truth about Bethany. Since it isn't Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily (so they all say, and pretty convincingly we might add) the girls assume it's Ali. It definitely makes sense. But, of course, nothing is ever that easy on Pretty Little Liars, which makes me think the actual confessor is going to surprise us all. I'm going with either Mona or Jenna coming out of the woodwork on this one.

Which girl do you think is planning on talking to Tanner? Are you glad Ravenswood is finally crossing over?