INTERVIEW: Scott Michael Foster talks the biggest diva on Once Upon a Time

Aug 19, 2014 at 5:15 p.m. ET
Image: James Stenson

It's the story line everyone is buzzing about: Frozen is heading to Once Upon a Time for Season 4.

Scott Michael Foster, who will play Kristoff in the upcoming season, told us he was really excited to join the cast.

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"I think Once Upon a Time is a great show and it's got a great following, and they're picking up this story line, and they're doing their own thing with it. I think we have a bit of a chance here with it. I don't think people are going to expect the movie. I think it will be something new and something different that the show is making based on those characters."

He said he thinks fans will embrace the changes the show is making and "not expect to see the movie on the small screen."

"I've met the other cast members. I haven't worked with them so much," Foster admitted. "I'm excited to see how that's going to be to work with everybody else on the show. But, I've met them, and they're all lovely people. They've been doing the show now for four years so it's a well-oiled machine. They all, you know, are very professional and very fun and I'm definitely excited to be part of it."

Filming began in July for the Frozen story line and, though he's shot a few episodes at this point, Foster described it as "doing a pilot, to be honest. Everyone that's a part of the Frozen story line is new to the show."

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Other additions to the cast include newcomer Elizabeth Lail as Anna and Georgina Haig as Elsa. There's also another character that's joining the show, one that Foster described as difficult to work with. At least initially.

"They released the photo of myself and the actress Georgina Haig who plays Elsa. I can't really tell you exactly what's happening but the photo takes place in a barn, with Sven. So, you know, you get to see and meet Sven, which I'll tell you — from my experience, I've never really worked with a reindeer before so that was interesting. He actually — at first, he was a little grumpy, but we started getting along after the second or third episode.

"He's an animal. He doesn't really want to be an actor," Foster said laughing.

"He's put in this barn stall and eats grain, that's all he wants to do," the actor continued. "And, in the story line, Kristoff feeds him carrots. Well, reindeer don't really eat carrots so it wasn't something he even wanted to be part of."

He said he and Jack, the reindeer who plays Sven, eventually figured out how to get along. "He and I have bonded a little bit."

Foster says he isn't sure what the show has in store for the rest of the season aside from the few episodes he's shot. We've heard rumors that Once Upon a Time is planning a Kristoff and Anna wedding, but Foster says he, at least, hasn't filmed it yet nor has he seen the script for that scene.

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"I get the scripts as they come, and we haven't touched upon that yet, but hopefully I'll find out soon. I think it would make sense for us to see that, but you never know. I'm still waiting to find that out myself."

He also hasn't filmed anything yet as present-day Kristoff. "I'm in that barn. I wear that costume all the time."

Foster said he thinks the biggest twist the show is presenting is giving audiences a look at the live-action characters.

"I think it really will make a difference with the story. I think that the people that they have cast and the actors they have playing these roles are really, really good. Everyone brings their own thing to it as well as looks and sounds the part. I think they did a really good job casting this. I think you can expect really good portrayals of the characters."

Once Upon a Time Season 4 airs Sept. 28 on ABC.