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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are cooking up something hilarious for the Emmys (VIDEO)

Sure, hardcore Breaking Bad fans will sort of be able to get their fix next year with the upcoming dramedy spinoff, Better Call Saul. Still, it’s not quite the same as having Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul together again making meth — and small screen magic.

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Which is why you don’t want to miss their new viral spoof, my friends.

A clever shtick to call attention to the TV Academy’s 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards telecast on Monday, Aug. 25, the hilarious comedic short from Audi of America — sponsor of this year’s Emmys — pairs up our favorite fictional meth peddlers in business once more. And this time, it’s legal… barely. Cranston and Paul are no longer Walter and Jesse, but rather, the unseemly owners of a seedy pawn shop called, well, Barely Legal.

As if that weren’t incentive enough to sit through six minutes of hilarity, enter Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The Veep actress is looking to hawk one of her Emmys (she has four, after all) in a bid to compensate for a night of drunken online shopping.

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After the guys size up the prized trophy, the two fling a few funny industry barbs about the value of the Emmy being diminished for being a “supporting” award and for a comedy. ‘Cause, as they say, “Comedy is easy, drama is hard.”

But when Cranston and Paul skeeve Louis-Dreyfus out — “I think one of them just, like, f***ed my Emmy or something… it’s pretty funky in there” — the deal goes south. Unfortunately for her, she forgets her keys and has to head back inside.

And you’re not going to want to miss what’s waiting for her.

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In full disclosure, watching Cranston and Paul wheel and deal, play dumb and trade inside jokes with Louis-Dreyfus will make you die a little inside. Don’t feel bad if you need to carve out the rest of the day for binge-watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. We’ve all been there.

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