Taylor Swift called racist for having black twerkers in video

Taylor Swift has come under fire for alleged racism in her new video for the single “Shake It Off,” and is accused of mocking black culture with twerking dancers.

Some people have called Swift out on her new video, saying that it is offensive because it features black women twerking, CoS reported. One of Swift’s accusers is Earl Sweatshirt, who says that although he hasn’t seen the video, he feels it is racist and could harm people.

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“Haven’t watched the taylor swift video and I don’t need to watch it to tell you that’s it’s inherently offensive and ultimately harmful,” Sweatshirt wrote on Twitter.

He then added a second tweet elaborating on his feelings for the video content.

Many Twitter users agreed with Sweatshirt, including the ones below, who made these comments:

The video in question shows Taylor Swift dancing alongside a variety of dancers, including ballerinas, contemporary, hip-hop and WOC dancers, tutters and twerkers. Reportedly, the point of the video is that Swift makes fun of herself for not being able to dance in any of the styles, and yet she “shakes it off” and tries to dance anyway, despite the haters.

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Other fans have come to Swift’s defense, saying that there is no evidence of racism in the video and she’s just laughing at her bad dancing skills. As far as the dancers on the video, each style features people of several races, including blacks, Asians and whites.

In the group of twerkers there are both black and white women twerking, just as there are in the other groups of dancers, so many can’t see where the racism comes in. One Facebook user couldn’t understand why Swift can’t have black people dancing in an urban style without being offended.

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“It boggles the mind! Why jump to that conclusion first?” the user wrote. “Why not another conclusion? That is a celebration of different styes [sic] that different people can be proud of?”

Some of the social media commenters that defended Swift include Zap2It, who wrote, “Taylor Swift: ‘Shake It Off’ message is to ‘have more fun than’ the haters,” and Rickey Mossow Jr., who said, “So, @taylorswift13 ‘Shake It Off’ is racist? Lol. I love how half the people offended haven’t even watched the video. #PeopleAreStupid.”

Below are more Twitter comments defending the video.



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